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The revamp has been completed for the most part, everything is updated, and we are now beginning Term One.

All the information, links, rules, guidlines, and helpful tips are not now at your fingertips. You can start on your way to being sorted by checking out the links list to the right.

Please be advised that the quality standard will be enforced even though we are starting out. Your applications will be rejected in the posting cue if they are made only of one sentence answers, do not have the correct formatting, or show a lack of effort. Furthermore, you may be squibbed if members feel you are 'pushing' for a house, or cannot get a sense of your personality.

We welcome any and all members! Do not hesitate to join and fill out an application - however, if you are going to go to the trouble of filling out an application, make it a good one, give us a real sense of "you", plan to stay active in the communities ...

and most of all have fun ;)

- Amanda

Stamping will occur every Monday. That means tomorrow for all applications below.
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