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1. Name: Bretta

2. Age: 20

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? By then I will have been in and out of grad school with my MLS, and my plans are to move to Washington State with my boyfriend and hopefully be employed at some fabulous library. I also plan on having a husky, beagle, chinchilla, and a rat in addition to the three cats I already have. I enjoy animals, no?

4. Which of the characters do you most relate to? Several, actually. For starters, Luna. She is just a dear. I too have some strange, unpopular opinions and thoughts that a lot of people don't quite understand or want to understand- but like Luna, I also don't really let it bother me. People have thought me strange for some time now, so I'm used to it, and honestly, if people are bothered by the person I am, I don't want to know them anyhow. I also have a lot of Severus Snape- I am very cynical and sarcastic, and I don't get along with a lot of people. Lastly, Hermione, but only because I am most often found in a library, and can be quite bossy at times.

5. Who is your least favorite character? Once again, several. Umbridge, for starters. More than anything, it's the fact that she just accepts everything the Ministry says at face value, as if a government has never been corrupt. She is endlessly irritating, unnecessarily cruel, and a total control freak. Ew. Other than that? Merope, Moaning Myrtle, and Harry, when he's brooding. I can't stand someone who just whines all the time- not that Merope whined, per say, but she was just pathetic, the way she wouldn't stand up for herself and how she had to use that love potion just to get what she wanted.

6. What would you see when you look into the Mirror of Erised? I would see myself happy and secure with myself, and with my surroundings (I'm always nervous or unsettled about something), with my family and friends equally so.

7. What would your boggart be? Ha. I am scared of too many things to pick just one- I am fairly cowardly- I am scared of natural disasters, of losing people I love, of breaking bones, of things I know aren't real, of bugs (particularly spiders), and I am absolutely terrified of heights.

8. Dark Magic: Tell us your thoughts. Is there such a thing? Or is magic only dark because of the motivation behind its use? As a pagan in real life, I am absolutely of the opinion that any magic, fictional or not, is just that- magic. It is absolutely up to the individual on how they decide to use it.

9. What is your favorite non-Harry Potter book? Quote something from it and tell us why you chose that line. Oh dear. I'm an extreme bibliophile and have many, many favorite books.Hmm.. let me see.

"She said that pain helps you see everyone else's really clearly. Or it makes you blind."

I don't actually remember WHICH book this is from, but it's a quote from Francesca Lia Block. I've adored her since I was 14 years old. Her writing style is so lyrical and beautiful, and this quote describes me for more reasons than I can explain.

10. You are sitting in your house common room when you notice that another student has left a book lying on the table. You pick it up and realize it is their personal diary. What do you do? I would absolutely read it, no apologies. I would do it quickly and leave it where I left it, but I'm a very curious person by nature, and honestly, I don't know anyone who wouldn't.

11. Would you use an Unforgivable Curse under any circumstances, and if so, what would those be? Only if my family, friends, or myself were in any immediate danger.

12. Do you think Harry was right or wrong to use his cloak to get to Hogsmeade in the 3rd book? He wasn't "right", per say, but I would have probably done the same. It was really irresponsible, but rules aren't always there to be kept.

13. What's one thing you would do if you knew you would suffer no consequences from it? I can't think of a thing, actually. I've had some pretty stupid things happen to me in my life, but it's nothing that hasn't been sorted out by this time and dealt with accordingly. If I don't like you, I just don't mess with you. At all.

14. Someone has graffitied a hateful remark about your House on one of the walls in the Great Hall. Luckily for you, you overhear a conversation between House elves who witnessed the perpetrator, and you alone know who did it. What do you do? What if the remark had been done by another house, and was about a house that wasn't your own? In both cases I would simply ignore it. If people have nothing better to do with their time than attempt to insult people then let them waste their time, not my problem.

15. What do you really think of Snape? Is he fair in the things he does? Is how he treats Harry "fair"? No, of course it's not "fair"- but was it fair when James & co. were cruel to him as a boy? Not at all. Snape is a complex, wounded person who just can't let go. Obviously, when he looks at Harry, all he can see is James, and he can't stand that. Of course, I may be a bit biased since I would have mad Alan Rickman babies ;p

16. Do you like the idea of a school being split into four separate houses? What about school unity? Absolutely. Be honest here, in school for the most part, kids separate into groups or cliques anyway- I'm in college, and people still do it. For example, I wouldn't be caught dead with the trendy sorostitute/frat crowd- so why try to throw me into a sorority? I'm not going to get along with them. And even in the HP world, you'll notice, they do have several friends in other houses- so it's not like they never interact with others.

17. Which are more important: Friends or Family? Both. I am extremely close to my family, but also to the few people I consider real friends. I don't consider one over the other, although if I had to, family. They'd do anything for me and I don't let it got unnoticed or take it for granted. I've had more "friends" betray me than family.

18. Some people think the Weasley twins are funny, while others find them mean spirited. How do you feel, and why? I always found them very amusing. They have the catty, witty sense of humor I love.

19. Do you consider a first impression to be the only impression a person can give? Why or why not? Hardly. People rarely, if ever, give off a true sense of who they are at a first encounter-you don't know them well enough. You're going to have to dig deeper to find out who someone actually is as a person.

20. You've been asked to invent a new spell to be taught at Hogwarts. What is the name of the spell, what does it do, and what is the incantation? It would be some sort of concentration spell, because I can get distracted quite easily.

21. Think about a negative past experience and tell us how it affected you. What did you learn from it? If you could go back and change it now, would you? When I was fifteen, one of my best friends my whole life was killed in a car wreck. It was really unexpected and naturally, threw me into a state of panic. I became sort of wild and reckless- ok, very reckless. I was in a very weird situation with my ex-boyfriend, it was sort of an open relationship, a very unhealthy one, and I was really flirty and experimented with some drugs and became anorexic and just generally very unhealthy. I didn't care who I hurt (my mom, dad, and grandma, who I'm very close to, bless them, had to deal with a lot.) I did a lot of very underhanded things, told a lot of lies, and was hurting myself rather than just deal with the death like a responsible person would. What would I change? Well, obviously, I didn't want her to die. But other than that?'s complicated. I would love to change some things- I hurt my family several times, badly, and I never want to see them in pain again, least of all because of me. However, I also know for a fact that it made me a better person- these days, I am in a very committed relationship, very close to my family, and absolutely not doing drugs. I am putting my energy toward doing as well in school as I can so I can make a good life for myself from here on out, and I honestly don't think I would have been able to do that, to denounce drugs and frivolous activities if I hadn't personally experienced it. It was stupid, but now I know that's not the life for me, and I am truly grateful for that, and that I am not like some of my friends now, who are just now going through their "rebellious" phase and thus doing poorly in college.

22. If you happened across the Room of Requirement, what would you find? I would find a cozy little room, filled with cushions and plenty of soft things to sit on, with nothing but wall to wall books, a saucer of tea that would automatically refill whenever I willed it to, and cats. Lots and lots of cats.

23. What would you be willing to die for? I don't feel comfortable answering this question.

24. If you died, would you want to come back as a ghost? Why or why not? I actually think I might, especially if the afterlife is like King's Cross- that seems so disorienting, and just...empty. Boring. At least if you're a ghost, you get to see the world change.

25. Hermione has asked you to support S.P.E.W. (read: flagged you down and cornered you with a box of buttons that she shakes in your face to "entice" you to join). What is your response? " I would tell her-politely, but quickly- that the majority of them choose to be who they are, are proud to do what they do, and that many of them are just annoyed with her. She should pick a worthier cause- if she feels badly for other creatures, why not animals, who truly cannot fight for themselves?

26. What field of study would you most want to enter into, and why, once you graduated from Hogwarts? Oh, perhaps I'd be the new Hogwarts librarian ;p

27. True or False: Rules are meant to be broken. Explain. Often, yes. Obviously, there are some pretty concrete things that I believe should be obeyed, for example, that crazy one about not killing people for fun is pretty good. Often, I think that they should not be broken, but amended.

28. You have one day to live. How do you spend your last day alive? With those I love the most. I would spend a lot of the day with my various family members, with my cat, a few select friends, and of course , my boyfriend. The last part of the day I would spend alone, drinking some tea, eating some cookies, and reading a book. Peaceful and calm, y'know? Maybe get some candles or incense going.

29. Do you think Dumbledore was correct in shielding certain truths from Harry? Why or why not? Both. Obviously, when Harry was younger, certain things would've been just a tad bit difficult to understand, and it would've been too much for a young boy to shoulder. However, in book 6, he left an awful lot unexplained, and I think that because of the nature of the things that he did keep secret, it caused Harry to feel quite a bit of resentment towards him, very conflicted.

30. Finally, what house do you think you belong in?Either Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Slytherin "And power hungry Slytherin loved those of great ambition"- Slytherin is a little bit more like the 'old' me, the reckless, devil-may-care, don't care who I hurt to get what I want, etc.etc. me- but I'm also quite cynical and still a bit conniving, and honestly, I don't think people ever change 100%.
Ravenclaw -I'm not like a super genius or anything, but I am a smart person- book smart, especially, and like I said before, I was able to recognize that the way I was living before was not a good path, and I was able to steer myself off of it.
I do not feel like I am Hufflepuff, because while I do have an amazing love for my few real friends and my family especially, that's it. I do not have a great love for humanity as a whole, and I have a rather short fuse. Also, I'm not especially friendly- I prefer to be alone a great deal of the time, even when I'm around people I DO love. Gryffindor? I don't really have a problem with,but I'll be the first to admit that I am an amazingly cowardly person- I mean, I am mouthy- I'll backtalk just about anyone who mouths me without even thinking about it- but I have so many fears about so many things. Not exactly a Gryffindor trait, eh?

31. Oh, and one more thing. Just to make it easier on us for pointing, who told you about us?
No one.
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