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Sort Me!

WARNING: I used Deathly Hallows in here so if you don't want to have the story ruined if you haven't read it, don't sort me!

1. Name: Runa

2. Age: 18

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well, I will have just graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Music in Voice with the minors of journalism, photography and Italian. I plan on becoming fluent in Italian because it is the sexiest language EVER. Plus, I'll be studying classical music, I need to sing Italian!

4. Which of the characters do you most relate to? Oh god, I have no idea. I'm a combination of many of the characters! I simply can't narrow it down to just 1 so I'll go with the 2 that I have the most in common with.
Luna Lovegood I'm totally out of touch with reality and people keep on telling me that many of the things I'm convinced are real are totally false yet I firmly believe in those things. Yet at the same time, like Luna I'm damn clever at other things. I have a knack for figuring out what is going on with other people.
Severus Snape People see me and automatically think that I'm just messed up and that I hate the world. I'm harsh, sarcastic, cynical, pessimistic and I hold grudges for a VERY long time. However, that's just scratching the surface. If I love someone I will do anything for them, I'd gladly take a bullet for a few of my friends. Like Severus I was bullied during my whole time in school, which is one of the reasons as to why I hold grudges against so many people, I can't forgive them for the things they've done to me. Also, my family life has been, well, to put it simply a nuclear war-zone and it was that way until my parents divorced. I tend to hang out with a strange crowd of people, most people have no idea of why I love them so much but here and there I have friends who aren't "strange" and they have NO idea why I am friends with those who I am.
I just identify with the character of Severus so much that it's rather scary. I only realized how much I am like Severus when I finished Deathly Hallows.

5. Who is your least favorite character? UMBRIDGE. I loathe that woman with a fiery passion. She needs to have control over everything, she needs to have order, she needs to tell people what to do, and she needs to poke her nose into things that she should just leave alone! The reason why I hate her so much is because her character is very similar to my mother.

6. What would you see when you look into the Mirror of Erised? I would see me the way I truly am and not the distorted view I have now. I would be thin, beautiful, I'd have more tattoos, I'd have the friends who I hold dearest to my heart surrounding me and I'd be holding something to signify a great achievement in music...a Grammy or something like that!

7. What would your boggart be? It would be highly confused because there are 2 things which I fear more than anything else in the world and they are all at the same level of terror. Either the dementor would be me weighing 200lbs or a huge spider.

8. Dark Magic: Tell us your thoughts. Is there such a thing? Or is magic only dark because of the motivation behind its use? Dark magic...there is only power and those who are able to use it. I firmly believe in that, dark magic is just power which not everyone has the power or courage to use it. Personally I'm fascinated by the dark arts, I have no idea why, the thought of having the power to do terrible things if I choose to do so is a tantalizing thought.

9. What is your favorite non-Harry Potter book? Quote something from it and tell us why you chose that line. Wasted by Marya Hornbacher.
"I was buzzing with weird energy. Mania is easy when you're not eating because, of course, you have to keep your mind off food as much as possible. Food is a hindrance to your progress, and you must keep yourself awake because if you fall asleep you're not burning any calories and not getting anything done. Time is of the essence when you're manic, you MUST GET THINGS DONE, anything, everything, and you must DO IT IN TIME, the White Rabbit dashing about looking at his pocket watch, I'm late! I'm late! the world won't stop for me and I have to catch it before it goes flying by and I MISS MY CHANCE to be INCREDIBLE. There is a deadline on incredibility and the clock is ticking away."
I chose this quote because it's one of my favorite parts of the book and it really describes how I am. Mania, an obsession with time, an obsession with being incredible, being noticed, being wonderful and yes, an obsession with food and keeping my mind off it. Plus, this paragraph has elements from Alice in Wonderland and that's another one of my favorite books!

10. You are sitting in your house common room when you notice that another student has left a book lying on the table. You pick it up and realize it is their personal diary. What do you do? I'm too curious for my own good. I'd read it for sure but I'd keep the details to myself because I'd be rather ashamed of having read it unless there was something about me in there. If there was, I'd confront that person and say that I'd heard it from someone else. After I've read it, I'd put it back where I found it.

11. Would you use an Unforgivable Curse under any circumstances, and if so, what would those be? Yes I would. I'd use all 3. Imperio because as I said, I like the idea of having power over things and that includes people. Crucio because if anyone DARES to hurt one of my friends I will do everything in my power to make them pay. Avada Kedavra, ok don't laugh here, I'd use it on every single spider I came across, not humans. Ron's fear of spiders has nothing on me!

12. Do you think Harry was right or wrong to use his cloak to get to Hogsmeade in the 3rd book? He was totally right to use his cloak. The Dursleys would have never signed the form even if Harry had behaved and not blown up his aunt. Even if Sirius WAS after Harry he wouldn't have been able to see him due to the fact that Harry would be invisible. Besides, what's the fun in obeying all the rules?

13. What's one thing you would do if you knew you would suffer no consequences from it? Hm, this is a hard one. In all honesty, what I would do is find a person from my past who hurt me more than anyone else, it was thanks that that person that I was unable to love and I recently had a huge flip out moment in my own relationship because of what happened to me. I wouldn't kill him but I want to see him go through what I've been going through since I was 13.

14. Someone has graffitied a hateful remark about your House on one of the walls in the Great Hall. Luckily for you, you overhear a conversation between House elves who witnessed the perpetrator, and you alone know who did it. What do you do? What if the remark had been done by another house, and was about a house that wasn't your own? In both cases I would simply ignore it. If people have nothing better to do with their time than attempt to insult people then let them waste their time, not my problem.

15. What do you really think of Snape? Is he fair in the things he does? Ok, I don't think I can answer this question after reading Deathly Hallows and knowing what really was going on! I simply can't anymore since now I'm a huge fan of Snape and can no longer judge him.

16. Do you like the idea of a school being split into four separate houses? What about school unity? School unity. Pah, there is no way in which a whole group of people can be united in anyway. While dividing people into four separate houses does divide people more it's better to do it that way than to attempt to push people together when it is obvious that personalities will clash to the point that there will be even more fights than usual.

17. Which are more important: Friends or Family? Friends. Families are just people who are related to you, friends want to be around you, they have no blood tie to you. Friends chose to be friends with you, your family members did not chose you to be their son/daughter/etc...

18. Some people think the Weasley twins are funny, while others find them mean spirited. How do you feel, and why? They're funny! Fred (R.I.P. *cries*) and George were my 2 favorite characters in Harry Potter until Severus in Deathly Hallows. Everyone needs to be able to laugh and that's what Fred and George are able to do.

19. Do you consider a first impression to be the only impression a person can give? Why or why not? No way. I know that first impressions are not everything because of myself. If someone just got a first impression from me they would thing that I was a cold, callous, pessimistic, sarcastic, cynical woman who cares about nothing. Now, if people took another look at me, they would see that I'm all of those things but that I care about so many people/things and they would discover that I have one interesting sense of humor and that I'll pretty much do anything for those I love.

20. You've been asked to invent a new spell to be taught at Hogwarts. What is the name of the spell, what does it do, and what is the incantation? The name of the spell is "Orpheus's gift" and what the spell would do, it would give the person who was affected by the spell the ability to have the most beautiful singing voice that anyone will ever hear. The incantation would be "bellavoci" which is Italian for beautiful voices.

21. Think about a negative past experience and tell us how it affected you. What did you learn from it? If you could go back and change it now, would you? I was in a relationship that was based on lies and manipulation which was emotionally and mentally very abusive for almost 6 months, I got out of it just in May. What it did to me is that it opened my mind so that I can clearly see what is going on with other people in their relationships. I can tell if someone is being used now. It's because of I went through that if someone who I love dearly is having problems I am able to pull my thoughts and wants out of the conversation and basically become totally neutral. It was hell going through that experience but because of it I'm stronger now. I wouldn't change it, not one bit.

22. If you happened across the Room of Requirement, what would you find? I would find a piano, more sheet music for sopranos than you can imagine, so much music that can be played, cushions everywhere, a hookah, a teapot that always has hot water and never is empty and all of my beloved books.

23. What would you be willing to die for? I don't feel comfortable answering this question.

24. If you died, would you want to come back as a ghost? Why or why not? Nope. I'd much rather not have to haunt the world forever, I'd just like to stay dead and not be reminded of what I've lost.

25. Hermione has asked you to support S.P.E.W. (read: flagged you down and cornered you with a box of buttons that she shakes in your face to "entice" you to join). What is your response? "I don't agree with your views. The house elves CHOSE to be the way they are, they are HAPPY so why bother trying to set them free? You're just pissing them off anyway so just leave it alone."

26. What field of study would you most want to enter into, and why, once you graduated from Hogwarts? I'd start a new band? XD Most likely what would happen is that I would become a journalist.

27. True or False: Rules are meant to be broken. Explain. Oh for sure. There is no fun in obeying the rules. Being a rebel is so much more fun than going by the rules. Yes, they are there to make sure that things are safe but you only have one life to live, make the best of it, do what you want to, reach for the skies, try things you would not normally dare to do, have fun and break the rules. Just make sure you don't get caught, detention is NO fun, and I have first hand experience with that.

28. You have one day to live. How do you spend your last day alive? With those who I love the most, doing everything that we can cram into one day. A lot of the day would be reserved for my girlfriend and it would be wonderful. I'd sing with my friends, go out and party one last time, I would break the laws like no other by myself so that no one would get in trouble, I'd listen to as much music as I can and I would get as many tattoos as I could. And for once. FOR ONCE I would allow myself to eat WHATEVER THE HELL I want and not have to worry about gaining weight.

29. Do you think Dumbledore was correct in shielding certain truths from Harry? Why or why not? I agree and disagree. It was a good thing that Dumbledore shielded Harry from things when he was young, imagine being told at the age of 11 that you have to kill the most powerful dark wizard to have ever existed? But with all the lies that Dumbledore has not told Harry that come out in Deathly Hallows, Harry should have had the right to know from Dumbledore itself before "King's Cross".

30. Finally, what house do you think you belong in? Either Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Slytherin "And power hungry Slytherin loved those of great ambition" There we go, I'm very ambitious and I will do pretty much anything to get what I want.
Ravenclaw I'm very smart even though I do have some problems with learning at times but I have a sense of logic that is just bizarre. I'm pretty good at solving riddles, I'm a sudoku master and I'm very witty. As I said, I'm very much like Luna Lovegood, my knowledge is hidden.

31. Oh, and one more thing. Just to make it easier on us for pointing, who told you about us?
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