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1. Name: Manda
2. Age: 16
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself in some random city (NYC or Boston??) living with my boyfriend, going to college for biology and art (Quite a combination...) and being happy.
4. Which of the characters do you most relate to? I most relate to Harry because he has a very hard time at home and most of the time I do too. Most people go to him with their problems like people do with me and he is very often overwhelmed with his life, as well as me.
5. Who is your least favorite character? My lest favorite character is Professor Quirell. Even though he was only in the first book, his presence really annoyed me in it and still does when I re read the book.
6. What would you see when you look into the Mirror of Erised? I would see myself with my boyfriend, us living together in our own apartment and just being happy.
7. What would your boggart be? Probably the same as Ron's.. A big gigantic spider...
8. Dark Magic: Tell us your thoughts. Is there such a thing? Or is magic only dark because of the motivation behind its use? There IS such a thing as dark magick and I know this because I practice magick myself.. but I practice White and Green magick, not dark magick... it does have to do with the motivations and intent behind it's use but it's still dark none the less...
9. What is your favorite non-Harry Potter book? Quote something from it and tell us why you chose that line. My favorite non HP book is Burned by Ellen Hopkins...
"You're like the ocean, Pattyn.
Pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down into your depths,
you'll find beauty most

people never see. Lucky me.
I fell in, headfirst."
I chose this line because it expresses how much this boy, Ethan, really loves Pattyn and it just really touched me.
10. You are sitting in your house common room when you notice that another student has left a book lying on the table. You pick it up and realize it is their personal diary. What do you do? See whose it is, and if I like the person.. give it back. If I don't.. read it!
11. Would you use an Unforgivable Curse under any circumstances, and if so, what would those be? No, I would not.
12. Do you think Harry was right or wrong to use his cloak to get to Hogsmeade in the 3rd book? Harry was right to use his cloak because it's not entirely his fault he couldn't go to Hogsmeade. It's not his fault his guardian's are... well... not nice people.
13. What's one thing you would do if you knew you would suffer no consequences from it? Move out of my house.
14. Someone has graffitied a hateful remark about your House on one of the walls in the Great Hall. Luckily for you, you overhear a conversation between House elves who witnessed the perpetrator, and you alone know who did it. What do you do? What if the remark had been done by another house, and was about a house that wasn't your own? I would keep quiet and let the elves come forward with it.
15. What do you really think of Snape? Is he fair in the things he does? Snape is an angry, bitter person. He was starting to warm up on me but after book 6 I really hate him because he killed Dumbledore, the kindest, gentlest man in the wizarding world. No, he is not fair in the things he does. He's a backstabbing betrayer or good wizards.
16. Do you like the idea of a school being split into four separate houses? What about school unity? I like this idea because it gives more oppertunites for competitions amongst the students and it lets the students be with people who are most like them.
17. Which are more important: Friends or Family? Friends. In my opinion theyre the only ones who look out for your true best interest.
18. Some people think the Weasley twins are funny, while others find them mean spirited. How do you feel, and why? I love the Weasley twins! Fred and George are my favorite pair in the Harry Potter series. They're immensely funny with all the jokes and pranks they pull.
19. Do you consider a first impression to be the only impression a person can give? Why or why not? No, first impressions are most of the time bad and there should always be chances given for a second impression.
20. You've been asked to invent a new spell to be taught at Hogwarts. What is the name of the spell, what does it do, and what is the incantation? My spell would be called Mirrorus Amorous and it would be used to be able to see what the person you love the most is doing at that very moment. The incantation would be "mirrorus amorous" and upon saying this incantation, a cloud would appear in front of you and in the center would be a "movie" so to speak, of what your love is doing at that moment.
21. Think about a negative past experience and tell us how it affected you. What did you learn from it? If you could go back and change it now, would you? My parents were recently almost going to get divorced and I had plans to move out of my house this spring. Well, theyre back together and those plans are essentially shot. But I was going to drop out of highschool and I have realized that school is important and I shouldnt do that. If I could change something about this experience.. I would have tried harder to get better grades.
22. If you happened across the Room of Requirement, what would you find? I would find a room filled with art supplies, musical instruments, books, magick equipment, and anything else to keep me entertained. I am always bored and am constantly looking for something to do.
23. What would you be willing to die for? The man that I love.
24. If you died, would you want to come back as a ghost? Why or why not? Yes I would because I would want to be able to still spend time with the people I love.
25. Hermione has asked you to support S.P.E.W. (read: flagged you down and cornered you with a box of buttons that she shakes in your face to "entice" you to join). What is your response? I would gladly join. I agree with her int he fact that elves are not treated fairly in the wizarding world...
26. What field of study would you most want to enter into, and why, once you graduated from Hogwarts? I would want to go into a field where studies of Divination would come in handy.
27. True or False: Rules are meant to be broken. Explain. True. Anarchy and peace is a balance.. I mean, where would Hogwarts be if Harry didnt break rules to do what needed to be done in order to keep the school alive? And WHERE would we be without Peeves the Poltergeist? !! XD
28. You have one day to live. How do you spend your last day alive? I spend it with the person I love.. doing all the things we love to do together and just having an amazing day...
29. Do you think Dumbledore was correct in shielding certain truths from Harry? Why or why not? I think Dumbledore knew what he was doing. He was sheilding certaint ruths from Harry to try and protect Harry but int he end the only person who can really protect Harry is Harry... and of course his mother, as evident in book 1...
30. Finally, what house do you think you belong in? I think I belong in Gryffindor. It's always been in my favorite house and I have a lot of the qualities of students in Gryffindor.
31. Oh, and one more thing. Just to make it easier on us for pointing, who told you about us? amourus
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