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sorting application

Be warned. I have terrible spelling. Aned this is wat loo long to spellcheck at 6am.

1. Name:
2. Age: 19
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Ha! I have no idea any more. Ive given up on a career as a politician (I vote NDP by the way) and a lawyer career (lets face it, im FAR too lazy) though im still considering massage therapy. And all you horn-dogs can get your mind out of the gutter because there is no 'wink wink nudge nudge' next to that profession.
4. Which of the characters do you most relate to? Luna Lovegood. I have the same habbitual knack for asking uncomfortable questions, a similar facination with consperacy theories, and an (if you dont mind me saying so) indescribable ability for knowing whats not said, understanding what people try to hide, and empathysing and helping people not likely to seek help. It usually ends in odd bonds and no where near you regular aquaintance/friend relationship.
5. Who is your least favorite character? Tralawny, though thats peobably due to Rowlings lack of character building when it comes to her. Story-wize (that is, if I were Harry Potter, or within the story itself) I think it would be Lucius Malfoy. Probably Snape for a while but I cant help but feel a passionate love/hate relationship for him so I hesitate mentioning him.
6. What would you see when you look into the Mirror of Erised? A lot of Weed. And a nice one-story hippy house that I built and decorated, with a vast yard of trees and plants and animals. And butter Tarts. Because I seem to have a phycological addiction to those delicious treats.
7. What would your boggart be? A raging fire. Two days ago I probably would have said something like 'mt grandfather', but today im typing with only my left hand due to a terrible disaster in the kitchen where I attempted to make frenchfries, set my arm on fire, and nearly burned the house down. I never anticipated a fire to spread that quickly and am amazed beyond belief that the only damaged I caused was a few scorch marks on the carpet. Though I imagine my landlady will want me to pay to habe that replaced, and she would probably be the next thing the boggart would turn into lol
8. Dark Magic: Tell us your thoughts. Is there such a thing? Or is magic only dark because of the motivation behind its use? Well that really depends on what the deffinition is. 
If dark magic splits your soul than generally "no" I dont agree with it. Unless you can keep both halfs of your soul than I suppose extream circumstances should permit it. Course I also expect every individual to be well versed in many spells and not have to use them at all.
Now if we decide that 'dark' is determined by motivation than technically every spell with ill will would be deemed dark (including pranks). That deffinition doesnt suit me morally so I wont agree with it. I mean if I could bind my brothers mouth shut with a flick of a stick you better belive I will!
9. What is your favorite non-Harry Potter book? Quote something from it and tell us why you chose that line. Ooooh what to choose.... Lets go with One Flew Over The Cucoos Nest. I dont have it with me so I can quote, but lets take the line "jucyfruit?". It was said by the chief to the main character. The chief of course is the narritive observer who DOES have a few mental problems that are compounded with his lack of being informed about anthing and the fact that he skips out on his meds. This tall powerful Native man, who has been put through so much (past history and present narating) but he still takes his simple pleasures: sharing his gum. Its also pretty much the only thing he ever says. He lives under the pressure of everyone thinking he's a mute, but is inteligent enough to know that in the grand scheme of things, its better this way. Of course the reader is lead to believe that he's crazy and SHOULD speak up, but after much annalysis Ive concluded that it really is whats best for him. that was an essay lol....

10. You are sitting in your house common room when you notice that another student has left a book lying on the table. You pick it up and realize it is their personal diary. What do you do? Give it back. And probably talk to them about what is on their mind, let them get it out with a person rather than a piece of paper that anyone can read. I usually know whats going on already and show them they can trust me by first conveying a personal story of my own that relates to thir problem.
11. Would you use an Unforgivable Curse under any circumstances, and if so, what would those be? Sure. If a situation arose where someone needed to be under the Imperious to save a life or manipulate a situation where a lot was at stake. I dont think I would ever use avada kadavra or crucio unless brutally forced to.
12. Do you think Harry was right or wrong to use his cloak to get to Hogsmeade in the 3rd book? Wrong. But he's a teen so what do you expect. I also think Fudge, Albus and Manerva were in the wrong for forbiddib him in the first place but whatever.
13. What's one thing you would do if you knew you would suffer no consequences from it? If "conciquence" includes guilt than I would send an 'insiders' letter to Verizon informing them of one of their companys' payroll callcenters poor behavior. I want a number of people to lose their jobs (consider it revenge) but I dont want ALL of the employees to lose their jobs (some of up to 4 years) when they have done nothing to deserve it. So I suppose my next best thing would be to bitchslap the people who are due and leave it at that.
14. Someone has graffitied a hateful remark about your House on one of the walls in the Great Hall. Luckily for you, you overhear a conversation between House elves who witnessed the perpetrator, and you alone know who did it. What do you do? What if the remark had been done by another house, and was about a house that wasn't your own? It depends on what it says. If it sats "_____house sucks" then I probably wouldnt report it. If it was something more to the extent of "_____house are chink fuckers" then there would be no question no matter who wrote it about whom. If my house wrote it Id likely be more lenient. If it was written about my house than Id probably tell my housemates and we'd collextivly threaten the purpatrator.
15. What do you really think of Snape? Is he fair in the things he does? A little unfair to Griffindore, even moreso to Harry, but I can see him actually being a great teacher to those who want to learn. Infact I notice my teaching mrthods to be similar to his in that I want to lay the line down firmly the first day and 'strike fear into the hearts of many'; then further make life hell for the ones that irritate me. In the case of Snape, he seems to rightfully have trama relating to Griffindore and Harry, and although its not fair, he cant do much better without baby steps. Which is further dwindled when Harry betrays him and steals his stuff, looks at his memories, ect.
16. Do you like the idea of a school being split into four separate houses? What about school unity? Eh...Im on the fence. Expecially with rowling barely toughing appon the matter, I cant make an accurate judgment. In the case of the main characters, houses seem to be a bad idea; but then we look at Ginny's inter-house dating and im lead to conclude that either the main characters are prudish and enjoy having enrmy's, or rowling was REALLY cutting her books short.
17. Which are more important: Friends or Family? Another one of those 'answers have chaned in light of recent events'. I would have said Friends - and perhaps still do - but family will always be there. Your siblings in paticular. Theyve been with you sinch childhood, and ARE most likely to stay with you in the future. But if you happen to be in a situation where Family happens to be unhealthy for you, then friends (obviously).
18. Some people think the Weasley twins are funny, while others find them mean spirited. How do you feel, and why? Twincest.
Ok no really, I think they have a natural knak to bring amusement to a situation. Embrace it, my dear boys. Their mother shouldnt be holding them back - though we all know she just wants whats best for them.
19. Do you consider a first impression to be the only impression a person can give? Why or why not? No. Expecially when the person knows thats the "first impression" and is trying hard to please. Though true, we usually end up comparing all other impressions to that first one.... well we're not perfect.
20. You've been asked to invent a new spell to be taught at Hogwarts. What is the name of the spell, what does it do, and what is the incantation? "lubricanus". it would do the obviouse. Though I would NEVER use it for sex, but instead use it to oil hinges or something. lol
21. Think about a negative past experience and tell us how it affected you. What did you learn from it? If you could go back and change it now, would you? The fire. I would have turned the heat down. And thats all your getting; go ahead and squib me for it.
22. If you happened across the Room of Requirement, what would you find? Depends on what I required at the time. But lets think, 7th floor, walked by 3 times, so im probably pacing.... a quiet place to think I suppose... relaxing, comfortable. Probably some pre-rolled joints, some nice music, funkt colours (though no incents. cant stand smell)
23. What would you be willing to die for? lots of things. My brother, my friends, the sudden death of everyone with an IQ less than 120 (ok maybe mot). It would also depend on how long Im allowed to stay alive for after the fact.
24. If you died, would you want to come back as a ghost? Why or why not? Ive given that a lot of thought abd finally decided 'no'. Although my curriosity and thirst for knowledge is great, it doesnt out-weigh the feeling of no being able to escape. In the end, I know if things get unbarable, I know I can take my own life and end whatever torture that was too much. But Tuck said it best in Tck Everlasting: we are like rocks sitting on the edge of the riverbed". And he's right. You have forever to do everything or nothing, and in the end you havebt accomplished anything, and you mean nothing. Thats just tt much for me to choose. Mind, when I first watched that movie I cried for a week strait and thought I would have drank the water instead of dying - even if it took him 100 years to come for me. lol. ah, the young. lol
25. Hermione has asked you to support S.P.E.W. (read: flagged you down and cornered you with a box of buttons that she shakes in your face to "entice" you to join). What is your response? "um, as honourable as I know your intentions are, you might want to stop and research this thoroghly. I want stats about what elf's are like "in the wild" or ar least before wizardkind 'enslaved them'. I want to see casestudies with the effecys of wizards on elfs and their behaviours and opinions. I want IQ tests to determine the creatures mental capacity, and I want personality tests to determine thier will."
And then Id send her on her way. At the very least she'll get off my back, and if it DOES turn out that wizards are misstreating them than yes, I will most deffinatly sign.
26. What field of study would you most want to enter into, and why, once you graduated from Hogwarts? International trade and/or illigal specimens: identification and tracking of smuggling rings. The books dont give nearly enough foccus on that. Youd think "fantastic beasts and where to find them" would have given some more detail!
27. True or False: Rules are meant to be broken. Explain. Neither. Rules are meant to keep order and structure in a society. And sometimes that society changes to the point where those rules no longer reflect the values of society - thus causing chaos and actually being counter-productive (like marijuana laws in Canada, for example. lol)
28. You have one day to live. How do you spend your last day alive? Setting my affairs in order. Giving/donating my stuff away, saying final appologies and goodyes, perhaps getting my final revenge if im still passionate about it.
29. Do you think Dumbledore was correct in shielding certain truths from Harry? Why or why not? Nope. "stupid child, lets not tell you the truth" has never worked. They are living, reathing, thinking, beings and they need to be caucioned. Granted, sometimes the whole truth is inapropriate and should be revealed slowly ober time, but you cant set seemingly unfair guidlines out for a child and expect them to be followed.
30. Finally, what house do you think you belong in? Ravenclaw. Because im constantly seeking kbowledge and truth, though maybe hufflepuff cuz im such a laidback hippie, course i do have my dirty vengeful side so slytherin? And im quite rightiouse so griffindore might be the best.

....or it just depends on what mood im in.
31. Oh, and one more thing. Just to make it easier on us for pointing, who told you about us? no one. though i saw the bannar in Johnny_john (or something like that)'s profile. It was a griffindore image so I assume thats where these points belong.
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