June 28th, 2007

  • leoin

Attention Students!

Thanks for visiting us here at Hogwarts Challenge. We are currently under heavy rennovation - that of which can be seen at the main community hogwartsch.

You are still free to join and post an application using the current application and following the current rules. All of this can be found in this community's userinfo. Please keep in mind however:

1.) Applications will be given proper time to be voted on, so it may not happen promptly.
2.) We will be doing group activities, small community-wide contests and group discussions while during renovation - those of which can be participated at hogwartsch. For ALL Deathly Hallows discussion, please visit hgch_greathall.
3.) Procedure will be pretty easy for now - however! the rules, userinfo, and the application itself will be undergoing some changes. Changes will take place once the details are hammered out and the community has agreed upon them. A notice will be made here, and afterwords the new applicaton and rules will be enforced.
4.)Although we are getting back on our feet, we reserve the right to withhold voting on an application if it is not thorough enough, shows effort, or reflects a clear personality. Also, this is not simply a stamping community - if you do not wish to participate in other ways, please do not join!

Thank you!